Natural Mouse Repellent for House

Natural Mouse Repellent for House

Trust your home to Cedar.  Cedar sawdust has been used for hundreds of years to protect  homes, root cellars, and barns.  In fact, early settlers used to cover their root cellar floors with cedar sawdust. 

Later on, science experiments have shown that cedar is not only offensive to rodents but it is actually toxic to them.  Also, it has been proven that Maine White Cedar has a much more pungent smell that all of the other cedar and cypress trees.  We could send you a whole bag of fresh cedar sawdust from our many cedar mills but in reality you will need only a small amount to do the job.

Our six cedar dispensers contain only fresh cedar sawdust.  The Ole Time Woodsman Mouse Dope is a cedar oil formula with which you can refresh your dispensers every couple of weeks to keep it fresh.  A couple of drops of Mouse Drop per dispenser is all that you need.

Seattle Times: Cedar’s superpower to combat unwanted bugs, snakes and rodents lies in its distinctive and pleasant earthy smell. The wood is actually emitting aromatic hydrocarbons (phenols) and acids that act as natural pesticides. When mice and other rodents are exposed to cedar mulch, chips, or shavings, the toxic phenols are absorbed through the respiratory tract and enter the blood system, fatally damaging the liver. The acids released are damaging to the animals’ lungs and trachea.

And remember, no chemicals, always free shipping in the USA and a 100% money back guarantee if it does not do the job!

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