Works on no seeeeum s in florida - and everglades skeeters .....Dave from South Florida Posted on Facebook 3/9/21

Deet Repellants and The Black Cloud of Insects Swarming around your Head

Manufacturers of mosquito and black fly repellents that use Deet like to show us a person putting their arm in a tube loaded with biting insects.  Their pitch is that mosquitoes and black flies will not land on a person's skin using their product.

What they do not tell you is, that a swarm of buzzing biting insects around your head is probably worse than getting bit!  Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope's unique natural formula developed in 1882 actually interrupts an insect's CO2 receptor so they cannot "see" you or "smell" you in the first place!

Ole Time Woodsman is the World's First and still the Best protection against biting insects of all kinds on the market today.  The thousands of users since 1910 cannot be wrong!

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