how do you collect coyote urine?

how do you collect coyote urine?

This is an important question.  Not only for the humane nature of the subject but for the effectiveness of urine collected in captivity.

According to Science Direct website, there is a big difference between a Coyote marking its territory and simply eliminating.  When a coyote marks his territory, it will spray urine but will also rub excretions from its flank, rectal, and saliva glands.  

As reported by news: Bill Graham of Leg Up Enterprises in Lovell, Maine. Graham believes he’s the predator-urine baron, claiming control of 90 percent of the U.S. market. (The U.S. Department of Commerce doesn’t keep track of market share. Neither does Bloomberg News.) Graham says he gets his pee in keg-party-sized barrels from 10 facilities he doesn’t want to say much about. To those who worry about the health and happiness of his canine producers, Graham offers this reassurance: “The urine is collected from animals that are kept on farms and zoos. … The urine is collected passively. 

Obviously, his urine and perhaps others, do not contain the essential pheromone gland scents that are associated with a true territorial marking by a coyote.  That is why Ole Time Woodsman has added these vital scents to its 100% Coyote urine.

Before there was a supermarket on every corner, the farmstead garden was essential to survival for rural families.  If you did not have a dead coyote hanging from a pole around your garden, urine with pheromone gland scents was the next best thing!

Sometimes, the old ways are better ways!

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