Is olive oil safe for leather?

Is olive oil safe for leather?

Olive oil, and every oily stand alone substance for that matter, will not “nourish” your leather, but actually accelerates its deterioration. Leather is extremely permeable, and will soak up any oils you put on it. When oil first saturates leather, it seeps to the back—to the part you can't see and hides there trapping moisture which drys out, rots, and distresses leather!

When choosing the best leather care product, the first thing to remember is that leather is an animal skin. And the care and feeding of leather must be consistent with its natural state to prevent drying, cracking, distressed leather, and rotting stitching.  That means, NO chemicals, NO mineral oil, NO neatsfoot oil, and NO paraffin.  Only pure beeswax, tallow, cod oil, and pine resin, were the accepted ingredients for preserving and waterproofing leather.  Trappers, loggers, hunters, and especially the military knew the importance of preserving leather and stitching.  Ole Time Woodsman has recreated the exact formula that those who relied upon dry and long lasting footwear once used.

Beeswax and pine resin are the two essential ingredients to make your boots truly waterproof.  By adding cod oil and beef tallow to the mix, you will also preserve your boots and keep them from cracking and becoming distressed.  Ole Time Woodsman Boot Grease has revived the old 1800's leather preservation and waterproofing formula that trappers, hunters, logging crews, and the U.S. Calvary used to protect boots and saddles.

Back in the day, a warm, dry, pliable, and long lasting pair of boots was essential to anyone who spent time in the out of doors.  Today it is no different!

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