Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope:  "A Little Dab will do Ya!

Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope: "A Little Dab will do Ya!

I am dating myself here because probably 90% of those reading this blog have never heard of Brylecreem.  Great hair oil to keep your duck tail in place all day!  If you have heard the slogan, drop me a line.  We can talk about the one hit wonders of the day!

Anyway, back to business.  Unlike, chemical mosquito, black fly, noseeums and tick repellents that require you to slop or spray on gobs of the stuff to keep biting insects from landing, Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope only requires a couple of dabs on your hat bill, bandana, and shoe laces to protect you.

Read up on the thousands of studies on how biting insects locate you as their next five star dinner.  Carbon dioxide, right?  So, in order for mosquitoes et al not to find you in the first place, you either have to stop breathing, which I do not recommend, or you use a few dabs of Fly Dope.

Long before DEET was discovered, Ole Time Woodsman's 1882 formula that protected Maine loggers and sportsman by interfering with an insects receptors to detect your flume of carbon dioxide!  Heck of a lot better than not breathing, right!

Happy Trails to you....oh, no.....Gene Autry!



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