Pull up a stump and read some of our reviews:  Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope

Pull up a stump and read some of our reviews: Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope

Surplusman:  White Blaze.net  “ I worked on a grounds crew here in MA and I got concerned about using DEET and its effects not only on people but on plastic. So I bought a bottle on-line of "Ole Time Woodsman's Fly Dope" and sure enough, there was that familiar "scent". I would spray it on my booney hat and never had a problem after that with the bugs.”

  1. Paul Reynolds: Maine Guide and editor of Northwoods Sporting Journal 

““Ole Woodsman,” Larry said with a grin, screwing the cap back on the bottle. ” I’ve had this stuff for years.”

Before we fished, I asked Larry for a dab or two of that Ole Woodsman. Just for old time’s sake. It worked pretty well on the flies.

Insect Cop:  An oldie but a goodie. This is a remake of one of America’s very first fly repellants, and despite its age, this is one of the best products of its kind around. Completely DEET-free, this classic Fly Dope contains ONLY natural, non-toxic ingredients, which despite the marketing hype are every bit as effective as any synthetic insecticide at beating back the insect hordes – whether it’s flies, mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, or others.

Pole and Paddle Canoe:  When I was growing up this was the dope to reach for when you wanted something that worked. Caution: It smells like pine tar. Probably not going to wear it to a party but in the day people in the know would just sniff and say Old Woodsman. Off the market for a long time but it's back. When the first case came in I made the postmaster, an avid fisherman of my generation, close his eyes and waved a bottle under his nose. He shouted OLD WOODSMAN and bought the first bottle.

Daily Advance:  Ted Manzer:  When I was a kid, I spent numerous hours fishing with my grandfather. Some of the places we went were havens for mosquitoes, blackflies, ‘no see ums’ and deerflies.

Grampa always had the perfect tonic for them. It was called Old Woodsman fly dope.

Reddit:  Chapman:  wow all these comments and no one mentions " Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope" Stinks like hell but it has always worked. For all my 60 yrs. anyway.

Tom Seymour:  Village Soup:  Ole Woodsman’s is still available today and it is the one non-DEET insect repellent formula that I have used over the years and found effective against blackflies

Mrtwigg:  City-Data Forum:  I've used Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope for 34 years with danged good results.
Only issue is you'll stink like an ole time woodsman.

But I'll tell you this: Its about the only thing I've found which actually works.

PortClydeMe:  Cruisers Forum:  In closing, did you know that Maine is known for mosquitos, black flies, and many other summertime insect pests? Did you know that 'Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope' is the best repellent? It truly is!


Fritz:  Catskillsflies Forum:  one of the Adirondack guides highly recommends the repellant "Ole Time Woodsman Dope" for these critters.


Long Ridge Farm:  Special Ed Blog:  Woodsman's is pretty good stuff. We've used it off and on over the years and it's built for our insideous state bug ~ the black fly!


TallyHo:  Winnipesaukee.com:  The best repellant I ever used was, "Ole Woodsman Fly Dope".

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I was brought up in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY. No trout fisherman would ever dream of going out for rainbows, browns, or brookies without a bottle of Old Woodsman’s.
I now live in Tombstone, Arizona and Old Woodsman’s is still doing the job it did 70 years ago.

Brian Davis

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