Works on no seeeeum s in florida - and everglades skeeters .....Dave from South Florida Posted on Facebook 3/9/21

The World has Finally Discovered Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope!

Since 1882, Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope has been protecting outdoor enthusiasts from all biting insects by interfering with the insect's ability to detect the carbon dioxide flume that humans and animals exhale when they breathe.  Just a few drops on your hat bill, bandana, and shoe laces will protect you from mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, chiggers, onseeums, minges, and ticks.  Just a few drops will do ya!

Now, this is probably old hat news for most outdoors people living in the United States because Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope has been around for over 120 years.  However, due to the reach of the Internet, people all over the world are discovering the power of this century old formula.  From Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, South America, India, Australia, to the Middle East orders are increasing every day. 

Wherever you are from, "If they cannot find you, they cannot bite you!"


Sun, Jul 28, 2019 4:45 pm


Just took this camping this weekend, put some on a bandana just like when I was a kid. Not a bite! Thank you!

David C.


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