What chemical bug repellents don't tell you!

What chemical bug repellents don't tell you!

Everyone has experienced the frustration of shutting your eyes, closing your mouth, and hoping not to breathe as you spray gobs and gobs of chemicals all over you and your loved ones in hopes of enjoying a PEACEFUL few hours in the outdoors.

Okay.  Let's assume that some of these chemicals do prevent mosquitoes, black flies, or no see ums from biting IF they cannot find a place on you that is not protected.  However, a biting insect is attracted to your carbon dioxide flume that happens when you exhale.  It's like the old Mosquito Suckers that are fueled by propane to attract the bugs with .....guess what..... carbon dioxide!

Now, I am not trying to get into a mosquitoes' head here, but I am quite sure they are not saying, "Oh oh, smells like a great place to eat but no place to sit, so I am outta here!  Uh, uh.  It is more like, "This is an all you can eat buffet and they will be serving crab legs soon.  I am going to hang here until I can fight someone off for a seat!"

I have a question.  "What is worse, 1) not being bite by a mosquito or 2) having a thousand famished biting insects swarming around your head for hours!?

This is your solution:  Science has proven (research the research) that certain odors interact with a bug's ability to detect your carbon dioxide flume when you breathe.  Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope has known this for over 120 years.  That is why we say, "If they cannot find you, they cannot bite you!"

Just a few drops on your hat bill, bandana, or shoe laces will do ya!


Sun, Jul 28, 2019 4:45 pm



Just took this camping this weekend, put some on a bandana just like when I was a kid. Not a bite! Thank you!

David C.

Enjoy your season PEACEABLY with Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope Since 1882.

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