What oil do ticks hate?

What oil do ticks hate?

You are not going to get away with one oil!  It will take at least five oils in the right formula to do the trick!

The best way to repel ticks is preparation, preparation, preparation with a strong natural repellent!  Before you head for the outdoors make sure that you examine the ingredients and concentration of elements that repel ticks.  If it is not a chemical like Deet or Permithrin, spray it on your clothing and skin around the foot and hand cuffs and neck where ticks can enter. 

Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope has been protecting all those who love the outdoors for over 130 years.  Our Tick Dope has been formulated in much the same way.  It contains the oils of lemongrass, cedarwood, rosemary, geraniums, and citronella which are the five natural fragrances that ticks hate the most.  Like our Fly Dope, Tick Dope is an all natural recipe that does not have any chemicals or toxic ingredients. Simply spray on clothing or skin where ticks might enter.  And as always, Tick Dope is guaranteed to do the job or your money back!

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