What to buy the outdoorsman who has everything?

What to buy the outdoorsman who has everything?

The Ole Time Woodsman Gift Pack has just the right products for every outdoorsman.

Our famous 1882 formula Fly Dope is guaranteed to keep all biting insects away.  This includes mosquitoes, black flies, gnats, deer flies, and even yellow tails.

The gift pack has a large tin of our all natural 1800's recipe for boot preservation and waterproofing.  It contains Maine beeswax, hand rendered beef tallow, fish oil, and pine resin.  Our Boot Grease contains no chemicals or drying agents so that it can be melted, applied with brush or cloth, and dried to a hard sheen.

We have also included an oversized (22x22) bandana made with heavy cotton and double stitched on the edges to prevent fraying.  A ruggedly made bandana can have many practical uses on the trail.

Also, this gift pack comes in a heavy muslin drawstring pouch that measures 6"x10".  It will come in handy for packing away a lot of small essential items in your pack.

Ole Time Woodsman has been providing people who love the great outdoors with quality products since 1882.

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