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Dominant Buck Scrape Lure - 2oz - Free Shipping!


During the “Rut” or mating season, hunters observed that bucks would rub their antlers against trees to mark their territory and to sharpen their points for battle. They would also paw the ground, leaving a distinct scent from the glands of their hoofs in the fresh earth. This, combined with the urine and tarsal musk, would communicate that the dominant buck was ready for sex- or a fight with another buck, which ever came first. When first used, hunters made the mistake of placing buck urine in the scrape, not realizing that this was a sign of submission that did not motivate the resident buck. They experimented with creating their own scrape nearby, thus developing the successful formula that Ole Time Woodsman has adopted. Our proprietary scrape formula will have the resident buck checking your scrape several times a day looking for a fight. Full 2oz Bottle with Free Shipping!

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