Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope, Americas First Commercial Insect Repellent. Established in 1882. We offer free shipping on all orders to the US and Canada. For express shipments, please order by 10am EST for same day service.

Original Formula Scent Cover - 2oz Free Shipping!


At the turn of the century putting meat on the table was no easy task. Many times the difference between a full stew pot and baked beans was how
well a person prepared for the hunt. The rule of
thumb was to have the deer find you…..not you
find the deer. A really effective cover not only
masked the human scent but was also an enticing
food lure for the deer. Early hunters found that
distilling and applying the essential oils from the
deer’s favorite browsing food on their clothing was
a sure fire way to a full belly of venison. Ole’ Time
Woodsman has recreated the original cover scent
formula for a successful hunt.

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