is waxed canvas waterproof

is waxed canvas waterproof

Any cloth may be waterproofed using the right kind of wax formula including cotton.  Beware of waxes than are flammable because of the use of chemical dryers such as linseed oil or turpentine.  Use the good stuff and you will have a waterproofed product that will last for years.

The Ole Time Woodsman OilSkin Wax Story

Back in the day, all outdoors folk and the
military relied on a simple yet effective way to
waterproof and preserve their
canvas and cotton outer garments. Using an
old Civil War formula Ole Time Woodsman has recreated an
original, all natural formula that when applied
properly will guarantee that your garment or
hat will be waterproof AND stay that way with
some annual touch ups.
How to apply your Oilskin Wax:
1) Melt Oilskin Wax by placing can in a sauce
pan of water on stove
2) Apply generously with an ordinary paint
brush. Warm with hair dryer and let stand for
24-48 hrs. Several coats may be necessary to
reach your desired waterproofing.
3) Iron garment with a dry iron set on "cotton"
to seal in the wax. (No steam)
Ingredients: Natural Beeswax from Maine, fish oil, beef tallow, and pine resin.

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