Collection: Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope Insect Repellent

While fishing Maine in 1910, Obie Sherer and his fishing buddy, Dr. Donald Adams were driven from their favorite fishing hole by Maine’s infamous mosquitoes and black flies.  During their hasty exit they noticed a partially clad Native American sitting tranquilly by the stream without a biting insect in sight!  Then and there, Obie knew that it was possible to come up with a scent that would effectively keep insects from detecting him.  Working from an old 1882 recipe that was used by hunters to mask their scent, they mixed up a batch of the original “Fly Dope”.

  On their next trip to Maine, a logging crew spotted Obie fishing peacefully by his favorite stream.  Obie told the foreman all about his fly Dope and agreed to make a batch for the company.  When the first batch was used up, the woods crews clamored for more.  As a result, Obie decided to go into business and named his new Product “Ole Time Woodsman” in honor of his customers. 

Since then generations of outdoors folk in all parts of the world  have continued to rely on Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope to make their wilderness experience more comfortable, peaceful, and memorable.