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Ole Time Woodsman

Fly Dope Candle

Fly Dope Candle

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THE OLE TIME WOODSMAN FLY DOPE CANDLE STORY:  Back in the day mosquitoes, black flies, noseeums and other biting insects were just as much of a problem during those evening gatherings as they are today! We have heard that some creative people took it upon themselves to add some Fly Dope to a little wax and wick while sitting on the porch at the end of the day. So, we decided to add the equivalent of a full bottle of The Original 1882 Fly Dope formula that has been protecting outdoor enthusiasts for over 130 years to a can of paraffin wax with a mighty wick to keep it smoking for hours. You will be as delighted with the results as we were or your money back guaranteed!  And Always Free Shipping in USA

This is not your wimpy citronella candle!
Size:  Eight (8) ounces

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