Your Fly Dope is an amazing product.  I saw an article about it in Yankee Magazine and decided to give it a try.  We have a cabin in New Hampshire and the bugs can get pretty formidable.  This afternoon, I was trying to have a meeting outside with a contractor and we could barely focus on the conversation with all the the swatting that we were doing to keep the bugs at bay.  I went into the cabin, brought out the fly dope and squirted a few squirts on the brims of our hats.  Like magic, the bugs were gone and we had no trouble for the remainder of our meeting.  This is an amazing product.  I will never be without a bottle again!
Mike S.  May 24, 2024
Ok, we just returned from our bike trip through the woods of north central Wisconsin. When I told my riding partners about the Old Time Woodsman Fly Dope that I ordered, they mocked me. Well, ten miles of riding and swarms of biting deer flies changed their mind. As we emerged from a section of trail, we pulled over and busted out the fly dope. The next 30 miles of riding still had many deer flies swarming around us but the biting stopped. It was absolutely amazing. FYI, the guys apologized for their skepticism. We are all now believers. 
Hirum Walker: "used this when i first started cutting wood. yessir,it keeps everything away,lol "


“It brings back a lot of memories, the scent does,” Skip Theobald said. “And it works. That’s No. 1.”

Skip Theobald, who grew up in Brewer, remembers he and his grandfather using Ole Time Woodsman when they’d go fly fishing together. The strong-scented concoction would keep them hidden from the hoards of blackflies and mosquitoes, biting insects that inevitably pester anglers throughout the summer in Maine.

Hello, I purchased a bottle of your fly dope through Amazon. I live in way upstate N.Y. (Adirondacks) and your product works really well.   Barbara




The bugs are horrible this time of year here and your product is the best.  Bob
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As an ole time Mainer, Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope has always been a staple in my tackle box.  However, now that I am a snow bird I was not prepared for the vicious noseeums in Florida!  I sent for a bottle of fly dope, sprayed it on my fishing hat, and NOSEEUMS NO MORE!

A. Lane Crystal River Fl

I found where you can buy Old Time Woodsman and wow its expensive but if you have ever been in peak black fly season its a small price to pay.

The bugs are horrible this time of year here and your product is the best.  Bob upper NY

My husband loves this stuff and it works!!  Lori

I originally bought your Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope to repel biting black flies. I am very allergic to those bites and have to carry an epi-pen. I have not been bit for two years since using your product. Basically I dabbed it where skin might be exposed and on my scarf. 

This month I went on a week long backpack in the Hoover Wilderness in California and the mosquitos were just rabid.  I did not want to stain my clothes so I put the juice on my palms and rubbed them together.  Then I ran my palms over my clothes. NO stains and NO mosquito bites. NO more DEET for me. Great product.

J. Stone

Hi Guys;
I gotta talk to my husband into letting me order from you folks.  Years ago when my folks took the four of us heathens into the Maine woods to do some camping (1960 or was it 1959) there was three ways to go, cursing the bug, a product called 6/12 or old time woodsman's fly dope.  Personally, I took up with the old time woodsman's!  My sister thought I was a might "tetched," but a few years later, I am still a camper, and a guy that wears old-time woodsman is in trouble...I will follow him anywhere...did I mention I've been married for 28 years?  Oh well, on this last little adventure my husband (a Springfield Massachusetts City boy) I said what I would do for a smell of that wonderful elixir of bugs and rut, and he said it was long gone!  I should have put something good up to prove him wrong!  I am delighted that you are still viable, and crusher hats as my youth was not a waste after all...did I mention we have two kids, or they came along the way!  So, passion of my girlhood, it is glad to see you are alive and well...did I mention the kids have moved out and are onto lives of there own?  Well, I might just order a few bottles and see what case I am not here, I will be enjoying the smell of my childhood, Maine woods, black flies, misquotes, and yes, Old time woodsman's fly dope...
Donna, a Monson Massachusetts (now Princeton Massachusetts) country girl...only at heart!
I first used Ole Time Woodsman in 1970, and then went 31 years without it. But when I found some at a fly shop in Greenville, Maine, and I gave it a whiff, and it brought back all kinds of memories from those days, I knew it was the real deal. Now I keep a supply handy at all times, and have learned up the next generation to do the same. It's not just bug dope, it's an institution.
  Wil Merck
Essex Timber Company, LLC
Ipswich, Mass.

"I am writing a request for Old Woodsman….my husband is out and can’t find it anywhere!   He won't use any other product because “they don’t smell like old woodsman”  I swear he would wear it for after shave if allowed!" 
L. McLaughlin, Searsmont, Maine

Been wanting to get some Woodmens Fly Dope since I first used it 30 years ago. Is it possible to order a bottle & get it sent out right away---heading for Canada in 10 days.

Just wanted to say thanks.  Order was here in 2 days...just in time for potato planting up here in Masardis where the black flies are comparable in size to the moose.
Stuff works great, just like I remember it from the days of riding in my fathers forestry truck.  Thanks again.
I want to tell you how pleased I am with Old Time Woodsman.  I remember using it as a child when I went to my father's hunting camp.  I remembered that it worked well against blackflies.  Fast forward 40+ years and I have taken up hiking as a hobby.  After getting chewed to pieces last summer in the Adirondacks, I remembered Old Time Woodsman.  Did it really work as well as I remembered?  I ordered a bottle and my daughter and I tried it this week while hiking.  What a game changer!  After 4 hours hiking, we only had one bug bite between the two of us!  Yes, it is just as good as I remembered.  I immediately bought another bottle to share with my hiking buddies.  Thanks for continuing to make such a great product!
Thanks.  I’ve been using the product since I was a little kid.  I’m 65 now.  It’s the only product that really works.  
So I’m really glad it’s still being made 
Super fantastic!
Just placed my order and am pretty confident it'll arrive in time from ME to NH.
My sister-in-law in NY can't say enough good things about it and your customer service 🙂
Dear Ole Time Woodsman,
Thank you so much for your fantastic products!!! The may flies, gnats and mosquitoes have been horrible this year in MA. Your package arrived today and I immediately used it as I was outside gardening. Not one gnat attacked me and they have been leaving huge welts on my face. I am forever grateful!! I appreciate your prompt delivery also!!
Thanks again for your awesome products!!
"I am hooked but not just for me! I repurposed the little bags that come with the Fly Dope bottles. I thought if it worked for me it should do the same for my horses. This the first summer in 27 years that I don't need to run the fan to keep the mosquitoes out! I spray the bags and hang them in the entrances of horse barn. And, WOW, it has even cut the flies down. So, I wanted to see what would happen in the chicken coop. So I hung one off the light string and sprayed just a little in the entrance to their yard yesterday. And, by gosh, I had only one fly in the coop! Patty
Grew up using this in the Adirondacks.  I used this as a kid and will be heading up to camp this June.  Woodsman Fly Dope is a must!  Happy to find this available.
Best absolute best product out there today!!
First learned of your Fly Dope when I first visited my future in-laws at their camp in Jackman, ME.  Never heard of black flies before but OMG they were mean!  Especially when we went fishing in the hidden crater lakes. The Dope not only did the trick but that thick stuff gave me a nice tan.  That was nearly 60 years ago!  And I recommend your Dope to anyone who wants to visit Maine.  Still married to the same guy, too!  (Maybe the smell of the Dope was seductive?) 
E. Thiessen

New to me use for old time woodsman.
Spent childhood summers in Rangeley Maine fighting the mosquitos while fly fishing boating and hiking. As an adult rediscovered that smell of the Maine woods which includes a liberal dose of old time woodsman. I sold land in NH and when the buyers up from down country pulled out their cutters I said no thanks I'll use my old time woodsman. They were not interested until about 5 minutes into the woods then they wanted to know if I had brought that stinky bug dope with me.  Yes I did. 
Now in Alabama I've discover chiggers while picking my wild blackberries. Guess what works to stop chiggers? Old time woodsman. Liberal dose ALL over. No chiggers. Love the old time woodsman.
John P.