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Ole Time Woodsman

Ole Time Woodsman HUNTER'S 1800's Scent Cover

Ole Time Woodsman HUNTER'S 1800's Scent Cover

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The  1800’s Scent Cover Story:

The myth that back in the 1800’s wild game was so plentiful that one just had to go into the woods and shoot their winter’s supply of meat before becoming trampled by them is just that, a myth.  In fact, at that time game was more scarce than it is today due to over hunting for profit.  A Wall Street Journal article reports that “The U.S. now has 30 million deer, a hundred times more than a century ago"  You do the math!

So, if you had to provide for your family or hunt for the woods camp, success was not a given.  If we take into consideration the accuracy and reliability of the weapons that were available at the time, hunters had to give themselves every advantage to be successful.  Covering the human scent while not introducing a foreign scent  into the game’s environment was critical to a successful kill.

Using only the natural oils and fragrances available to them at the time, hunters developed a formula for covering their scent while becoming seamless with the environment in which they were hunting.  We resurrected the original formula for your use today.

Coincidently, this is the same formula that led to the development of our Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope.

I shot a 9 point buck on November 5, 2022. I had placed your product close to my tree stand in Morrill, Maine. At 9:30 am on a warm and windy morning, he came grunting down a deer trail to where I placed some scent. I am a true believer in your product. Thanks, and where can I buy you product locally in Maine?

M. Bowen


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Here’s to a successful hunt!

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