Is DEET safe to use

Is DEET safe to use

We all have concerns about applying chemicals to our skin, but none more controversial then the chemical compound DEET which is found in many of the insect "repellents" on the market today.  We decided to research the research to find out if DEET had any side effects that could cause harm to humans, pets, and wildlife.

This is some of the things that we found:  According to the State of NY Health Department, "Products containing DEET have been occasionally associated with some health problems (skin reactions, including rash, swelling and itching; eye irritation; and, less frequently, slurred speech, confusion and seizures)."

In a fact checked article By August 5, 2018 Updated: August 13, 2018: 


  • 1)  Research shows that it (DEET) can have toxic side effects in some situations, affecting the skin, brain and cells of both humans and pets.
  • 2) Environmental Working Group considers DEET, picaradin and IR3535 safe insect repellents, but only when properly applied.
  • 3) Most cases of serious side effects caused by DEET involve long-term, heavy, frequent or whole-body application of the repellent. But for some people, DEET can lead to adverse skin reactions, seizures and brain malfunction, fatigue, respiratory conditions and possibly even cancer.
  • 4) DEET can also be toxic to our pets and have a negative environmental impact.

  • There are many more studies available, but for selfish reasons we wanted to ask the question "why take the chance" when there are many all natural alternatives available including Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope that has been protecting people from all biting insects for over 130 years.  WITHOUT DEET or any other chemical for that matter!
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  • Stay safe and protected!

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