How do we collect the pee?

How do we collect the pee?

This is an important question.  Not only for the humane nature of the subject but for the effectiveness of urine collected in captivity.

According to Science Direct website, there is a big difference between a Coyote marking its territory and simply eliminating.  When a coyote marks his territory, it will spray urine but will also rub excretions from its flank, rectal, and saliva glands.  

According to the Predator Pee website this is how they collect the urine:

"After you train them to hit the bottle, it is really quite simple." Whoops, sorry that's the unreal truth, but I couldn't resist. Back to reality. Urine is collected from animals in game farms, zoos and preserves. These wild game care providers are fully regulated by the appropriate state agencies. Those agencies conduct regular inspections of each facility to assure that the facility meets all health and treatment standards established by each agency. The urine is collected via floor collection drains in pens and cages and the animals are always treated in a most humane manner. In addition, these wild game care providers find that the revenue generated by the renewable resource of urine delivers a much needed income stream that allows these providers to keep many more animals alive and healthy.

Obviously, his urine and perhaps others, do not contain the essential pheromone gland scents that are associated with a true territorial marking by a coyote.  That is why Ole Time Woodsman has added these vital scents to its 100% Coyote urine.

Before there was a supermarket on every corner, the farmstead garden was essential to survival for rural families.  If you did not have a dead coyote hanging from a pole around your garden, urine with pheromone gland scents was the next best thing!

Sometimes, the old ways are better ways!

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