Works on no seeeeum s in florida - and everglades skeeters .....Dave from South Florida Posted on Facebook 3/9/21

What repels skunks naturally?

Coyotes KILL AND EAT deer, raccoons, skunks, armadillo, rabbits and other furry animals!  If the suspected presence of a nearby coyote is not enough to scare these animals, then nothing will!

In the wild a predator will mark its territory with not only urine, but more importantly, with pheromone secretions from their glands.  This occurs with the urinating process as a coyote will rub with its legs, saliva, and rectal glands. Urine that does not contain the natural territorial gland scents are only doing part of the job. 

The use of predator urine has long been used to protect gardens and landscaping from foraging deer, rabbits, and other critters.  However, in many instances, urine alone has not been strong enough to get the job done which is why Ole Time Woodsman has added the necessary gland scents to fully mimic a territorial marking.

Before there was a supermarket on every corner, the farmstead garden was essential to survival for rural families.  If you did not have a dead coyote hanging from a pole around your garden, urine with pheromone gland scents was the next best thing!

Sometimes, the old ways are better ways!


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