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Ole Time Woodsman

Hunter's Gift Pack

Hunter's Gift Pack

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This is a truly unique gift pack for the hunter in your family.  The gift pack contains three original formula hunting and leather care products that are not found in stores anywhere.

Our Gun Oil is an early formula that many gunsmiths call it only second to sperm whale oil which is considered the top gun oil ever produced.  Our oil is 100% pure and contains no additives what-so-ever.  It will not gum in the cold or disappear in the heat!

Our 1800's formula for covering the human scent was developed as a necessity when the deer population in the US was almost decimated by poachers.  Bagging a deer was a matter of survival.  Early hunters used this formula because it blended with the environment while not adding any unusual scents to the area.  Deer have a sense of smell that is thirty times more sensitive that a dog.  Our scent cover has produced results for years.

Our Boot Grease is an original leather care and waterproofing used by the Union Army during the Civil War and after.  Back in the day, protecting your leather saddles and boots were vital to a soldier.  Our Boot Grease only contains beeswax, beef tallow, fish oil, and pine resin.  It has not chemicals or drying agents to harm your leather.

It also comes with a large cotton draw string "Possibles Bag"!

And always Free Shipping in the USA

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