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Ole Time Woodsman

Ole Time Woodsman Original Formula Gun Oil

Ole Time Woodsman Original Formula Gun Oil

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We recently discovered the formula for Ole Time Woodsman Gun Oil which many have described as second only to Sperm Whale Oil which historians emphatically claim as the best lubricating oil in history.  We have meticulously revived this revered gun oil for your pleasure and use.  It is pure oil without any additives.

Here is the original copy:  Ole Time Woodsman gun Oil is made under gunsmith's specifications consisting of pure oils scientifically blended to prevent rust, tarnish, and corrosion.  (It is) excellent for lubricating firearms, fishing tackle, and fine household equipment where a penetrating oil is required.  We suggest applying liberally to thoroughly clean a surface for best results.  IT WILL NOT GUM, STICK, OR RUN IN HIGH OR LOW TEMPERATURES.

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